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President's Corner - June 2018 


It’s a standing joke that Ottawa only has two seasons –Winter and Construction and it’s especially true this year with major projects like the LRT, Elgin Street rebuild and Queensway modifications underway. The St. George is no different with a number of building elements or systems requiring repair or replacement after 32 years. Some residents have asked about the status of the more visible projects, which were delayed starting for a number of reasons, including weather. Remember the freezing rain and snow in April?


Several projects were supposed to be done last year, which is one of the reasons we changed property management companies. Your Board and our new Property Manager, Nancy Bouillon, are just as anxious as you are to see them finished and by the time you read this, a number will be completed.


On the 3rd floor patio:

  •  The planters will be re-sealed to stop water leaking down into the offices on the second floor;
  • New ‘duck-resistant’ shrubs will then be planted instead of the ornamental grass, which looked good but provided too much cover for nesting ducks;
  • New flowering shrubs and trees will be planted in the large planter and
  • The deteriorating concrete in front of the pool sliding glass doors is being removed, the area re- sealed and a new door and sill will be installed, again to prevent water leaking into the offices below.

The waterfall and ground level pool will be turned on after several repairs are completed:

  • The broken and missing blue tile on the pillars and vertical surfaces of the first level have already been replaced;
  • The metal covers for the waste bins and several metal brackets and fittings around the ground level patio will be sand-blasted and re-painted;
  • the metal structure was painted the wrong colour last year and will be repainted the proper shade of blue;
  • The railing on the first level behind the waterfall will be sanded and repainted the same blue;
  • The broken glass panel on the same level will be replaced; and
  • The upper tank of the waterfall and the lower pool will be patched where necessary and repainted. 

2nd floor Commercial:

  • Water leaks into offices will be stopped and repairs made to pre vent future problems; and
  • The corroded main Commercial entrance door and surrounding metal structure will be replaced.

In spite of a number of transition challenges, including problems with financial information provided by Axia, new RBC financial security checks and having to move their office on short notice to a new location, Val Roca has worked closely with your Board to:

  • Finalize a new budget for FY 2018/19;
  • Complete a new Reserve Fund Study, with Keller Engineering; and
  • Move operating surpluses from FY 2017/18 to the Reserve Fund to keep owner condo fee increases low and allow several projects to be moved forward for earlier completion.

All that to say it has been a busy transition for Val Roca and the Board appreciates what has been accomplished in just a few months. Wishing you all a great summer. See you at the AGM on Wednesday, 26 September.


Gordon Diamond