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President's Corner - December 2017


A recent fire alarm, which turned out to be false, prompted me to remind you to refresh your understanding of your responsibilities and actions when an alarm sounds.


Fire Warning and Response is something we need to take seriously. Prompt and orderly response to an emergency alarm in any building is essential, and for a large 25-story building like the St. George, with some 225+ people, even more so.


As a result, the St. George has comprehensive Emergency Preparedness and Procedures checklists for all major emergencies, which are covered in the Security Staff Job Description and in the Residents’ Manual. If you are new to the St. George or haven’t recently read Section 5 - Emergency Preparedness and Procedures, I strongly suggested you do so. A hard copy of the Residents’ Manual is in the lobby and also available here.


Do you know what to do when the building alarm sounds? Wait for the PA by Security to specify what action is required and what floors, if any, need to evacuate.


Don’t call Security on the phone because he will be too busy checking the alarm panel, opening doors for Firefighters, getting the elevator ready for them and checking the list of residents who may need assistance.


Regular safety checks and improvements are a priority. Each month our contracted Fire Safety company, Total Fire Protection Inc., tests the fire alarm system plus checks extinguishers and the elevator response. They also do an Annual Fire Safety Inspection of the whole building and replace any items that are time- expired or do not function according to specs. Recently they installed a new modern Fire Warning Panel which meets new performance criteria and is more maintainable. They cleaned and flushed the Garage Sprinkler System valves and replaced the older Smoke Detectors in each unit with new hard-wired models with battery backup and hush feature.


On behalf of your Board of Directors, best wishes to you and yours for a happy and SAFE holiday.


Gordon Diamond