Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act


The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Customer Service Standard (deadline January 1, 2012) applies to condominiums. What does it mean for the St. George?


In general, the new Ontario Standard applies to all services provided by the Condominium Corporation, including maintenance and repair of common elements and facilities, access to common elements, calling meetings, enforcing bylaws and rules and communicating with owners and residents. These services are to be performed in a way that gives persons with disabilities “an opportunity equal to that given to others to obtain, use and benefit from the goods and services.”


So is the St. George compliant? 

  • We allow guide dogs or other service animals; 
  • We allow assistive devices; 
  • We allow support persons; 
  • We provide notice of any temporary disruptions of services; 
  • We have several methods of communicating with all residents and for receiving feedback; 
  • Our Directors and staff have undertaken the required on-line training; 
  • The building is fully accessible, including access to the 3rd floor pool, fitness centre and patio deck; 
  • We keep a list of all residents who may need assistance in case of an emergency; 
  • The Residents’ Manual and Security Staff Job Description both outline considerations and procedures for providing assistance to the Visually Impaired, Deaf & Hearing Impaired and Mobility Impaired in case of a building evacuation; and 
  • Our staff know and provide assistance to those who require and request it. 

If you have any questions, comments or observations to make the St. George even better, don’t hesitate to pass them on to a Board Member or our staff.