Emergency preparedness—Are you ready?


The City of Ottawa Emergency Preparedness Organization issued a booklet of checklists called “Are You Ready” which was distributed to each unit in the St. George a couple of years ago. It provides helpful checklists like an Emergency Preparedness Kit for major emergencies affecting the building, a checklist for Important Family Documents you might want to take with you if you had to leave the building quickly, an Emergency First Aid Kit, an Emergency Car Kit, an Emergency Food and Water Kit and a Special Needs Kit. If you needed it today, could you still put your hands on it or not? No problem, Checklists for Emergency Preparedness is now on the City of Ottawa web site.


All the suggested checklist items may not apply to the St. George or to your family in particular, but many do. Our Residents’ Manual was completely rewritten in 2010 and includes an expanded section on Emergency Preparedness and Procedures (section 5), covering all major emergencies we might face and the way to react to them. If you haven’t read it, it is strongly recommended you take the time to do so. It could save your life or the life of someone else in an emergency.