Security and you


The security we enjoy at the St. George has many components: 

  • Access to the building is restricted and controlled; 
  • Security staff actively monitor and patrol the premises 24/7; 
  • Thirty Closed Circuit TV cameras (including six additional modern ones in the past two years) are monitored 24/7 by our Security staff; 
  • We co-chair the ByWard Market Safety and Security Committee and are represented on the Downtown Rideau Safety Advisory Committee;
  • We chair the Downtown Ottawa Coalition for a Safe Community; 
  • We work closely with the Ottawa Police Service area Inspector, area S/Sgt and bicycle and foot patrol officers; 
  • The ByWard Market Street Ambassadors patrol our streets; and 
  • The Downtown Rideau Security Patrols supervise our area as well.  

That said, the key to great security is vigilance and compliance with good security practices by all residents. That means not just ensuring doors are locked but reporting anything that doesn’t look right, not only on our premises but anywhere. If you see something, say something. Tell St. George Security Staff or call the Ottawa Police Service Incident at (613) 230-6211.