The Annual General Meeting was held on 21 October and your Board of Directors now has four new enthusiastic and committed members. A big thank you to Ross Hynes, Bill Campbell and Sarah Hurman for standing for election and another well-deserved thank you to the St. George Residential Owners Association for their collective efforts getting out the vote. The increased participation by owners, either in person or by proxy, was most encouraging to see and the support you showed the candidates much appreciated.


Your new Board is already engaged in making a difference in five priority areas:

  • Building appearance will be enhanced by more frequent inspection and prompt corrective action;
  • Security posture will be reviewed and augmented or adjusted where necessary;
  • Communications to both residential and commercial  owners and tenants will be increased and improved;
  • Residential and commercial engagement will be increased to develop a greater sense of community; and
  • Operating efficiencies will be sought to maximize your investment and minimize costs.

Your Board looks forward to an increased and developing dialogue with all the people in the building to make the St. George an even better place to live.


Gordon Diamond