The following is a brief update on what your Board and St. George volunteers have been doing since the AGM and what we’re planning for the new Fiscal Year:


Appeal of Court Decision: A major issue that has occupied much of the Board’s time is the Court case concerning pay and display public parking in the building. As you know, the Board did not agree with the proposal or the court decision. You will have received a letter from our legal counsel telling why the Board, with their full support, is appealing the judge’s decision. We are lucky to have Ross Hynes, with his legal background on the Board. He has worked tirelessly on this file and a number of other legal issues over the winter.


He’s also challenged CMG which owns Axia, to implement a more modern, user – friendly information system which the Board and owners can use to retrieve information and communicate with the Property Manager. He initiated a restructuring of Board minutes, grouping items under principal categories to make the whole process simpler and easier to follow and has spearheaded the formulation of the 2016- 2017 budget, which you’ll hear about shortly. Suffice to say he’s been very busy working for the corporation plus Acting President during my absence. A big thank you to Ross on your behalf for all his hard work.


We’ve formed the Security Advisory Committee, which I spoke of last issue. Harold Young and Al Rivard – both ex-RCMP officers will look at all aspects of St. George security and make recommendations . One contactor has already submitted proposals to upgrade some of our CCTV cameras and, video recording capability. More to follow.


Community Engagement is progressing in the form of letters and meetings with the Commercial Owners to build better communications channels. Their response has been positive. The Social Committee is already planning the June party and the Welcome Committee has visited all new arrivals and delivered welcome gift kits.


Operating Efficiencies remain a priority, and an electrical contractor is preparing a proposal to replace all building lighting with LED bulbs with potential for significant hydro savings.


Other Projects include the waterfall and patio pool repairs, to be contracted soon - Carbon Monoxide Monitoring in the garage, replacement of some fans, and a survey of balcony slabs for new protective membranes. The Bike room reorganization and refurbishment project is about to start and our maintenance contractor will be directing his efforts this spring to bring the building up to the condition you all expect. To comply with the Ontario Labour code a Harassment Policy for the St. George, which defines acceptable conduct for all residents, staff, the Board, property manager and contactors has been prepared and will be posted soon.


Comments or questions are always welcome. See you at the party on 5 June.


Gordon Diamond