Condo Issues


The Condominium is a co-operative arrangement in which all owners and residents agree to certain rules and regulations as set out in the Declaration and further described in the Residents’ Manual. Some new residents may not be up to speed on all of them so I suggest you peruse the hard copy in the lobby or the St. George Web site. In recent months a few problems have come to the attention of the Board.


Do not pour grease down the drain  water has backed up and overflowed sinks in other units because the stacks were plugged with grease and debris, generating some expensive plumber bills. The Residents’ Manual Item 2.13 Water System states clearly that ”no sweepings, garbage, rubbish, ashes, grease, kitty litter or any other substances are to be put down the drains or flushed down the toilets.”


No Garburators – The same section 2.13 in the Residents’ Manual states, ”In-sink garbage disposal units are not allowed by City of Ottawa By-law” for the same reason that they plug the drains.


Clean your unit air vents – Section 2.15 of the Manual Heating and Air Conditioning System states, “Air is circulated through vents located in each room. These should be kept clean to avoid accumulation of dust particles. The large air intake vent (usually located just inside the door to your unit and / or Master bedroom) should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at least twice a month. This will keep the filter clean and prolong the life of the air conditioner motor. It is not the responsibility of the Corporation to clean your unit vents.


Keep your balcony clean – But as Section 2.20 of the Residents’ Manual states, “don’t sweep dirt or water over the edge” and make other balconies and windows below dirty.


No airbnb – The Declaration Article III, UNITS Section 3.2 Occupation and Use states, “The occupation and use of the Units shall be in accordance with the following restrictions and stipulations: (a) Residential Units shall be occupied only for the purpose of a single family dwelling and for no other purpose,...and (h) The Owner of each unit shall require all tenants, residents and visitors in his unit to comply with the Act.


Good News for Guest Suite Bookings


Residents may now book the Guest Suite up to six months in advance for up to 14 days. If requested, the Board may approve an extended period beyond 14 days. Special rules apply for reservations during the high demand holiday periods such as Christmas, New Years, February Family Day, Easter, Canada Day, Labour Day and Thanksgiving. A reservation request for a minimum of two days will be accepted starting six months in advance up to noon three months in advance. If there are no other requests for that holiday then the reservation may be confirmed. If more than one request has been received by the deadline then a supervised draw will be held to determine the winner and to establish a waiting list. The successful resident of a draw will not be eligible for the same period the following year. Thanks to Rene & Jo Ann Bornais for pointing out the inequities and to Bill Campbell for developing a more logical and fairer reservation procedure. See Security for additional details.


All the best to you and yours this Summer!


Gordon Diamond