President's Corner - September 2016   


You may have noticed a number of projects on the go, many of which were badly needed. We told you in the past three Newsletters what we were planning to do, so here is a brief summary of what we’ve been able to accomplish to date:  


Building Maintenance & Appearance: 

The Waterfall-ground level/upper level pools which are the signature features of the St. George, dormant for 2 years, have been refurbished and are operational. The 3rd level patio has been cleaned, furniture refinished and new pieces added, which has encouraged greater use. New steel doors have been installed, base boards and doors are being painted and wallpaper repaired. The Bike Rooms were repainted and reorganized and a more detailed system for tracking maintenance project status was implemented.  


Financial & Property Management:

We’re working with our new Auditor and Property Manager to better align our budget and audit formats and validate the allocation of residential and commercial revenues. The Fiscal Year ended with a surplus despite increased costs and the Axia contract was renewed with the proviso that we intend to re-tender next year.  



We continue to keep you informed with this quarterly Newsletter and the updated St. George Web Site. The Residents’ Manual has been revised, adding additional items and articles and will soon to be posted on the web site.  



The new Security Advisory Committee has been actively assessing and recommending improvements to our security posture, some of which are now complete. Additional CCTV cameras were installed for increased surveillance plus greater video storage capacity and an improved camera controller for Security Staff. A spring-activated Auto-Gate Closer was attached to the center gate to the Waller Mall. A wrought iron fence was fastened to the front planters to stop people sitting on our flowers, and No Trespassing Signs and better lighting were installed on the east side entrance area.  


Other Accomplishments & Efficiencies: 

An LED lighting retrofit of some 1150 lights + 3000 additional components in the common element areas is underway, which will save an estimated $25 to $30 thousand per year in electricity and maintenance costs. A new Carbon Monoxide Monitoring system was installed in the garage for your safety. The Guest Suite Reservation system was improved to be fairer and easier to use. The Patio Reservation system has been better defined. A Workplace Violence & Harassment Policy was developed and adopted; and last but certainly not least the Board Appeal of the court ruling on pay and display public parking in our building was successful. All legal expenses are covered by insurance and the commercial applicant.  


Particular thanks to Ross Hynes and Bill Campbell for their extra efforts on your behalf.   


Your comments are always welcome. See you at the AGM on 9 November.  


Gordon Diamond