This year, we improved our 32-camera CCTV system with 6 new HD cameras monitored and recorded 24/7, added brighter LED lighting around the loading bays, entrances and garages and partnered in a new Co-operative Area Security Patrol checking George Street and adjacent areas. We’ve also stated our firm position on the Waller Mall recommending that it remain closed for the foreseeable future.


That’s all good but the real key to effective condominium security is vigilance and compliance with good practices, not just by Security staff but all residents. That means:

  • Ensuring you lock exterior doors and your unit door;
  • IF YOU SEE SOMETHING - SAY SOMETHING - Report anything that doesn’t seem right - on or off the property to the Security Guards or the Ottawa Police;
  • Advising Security of any and all expected visitors, contractors or the pizza delivery guy, so they can be let in, because all access is restricted and controlled; and
  • Making sure when you plan to be away for any length of time that Security knows how to get hold of you and that you’ve completed the required Permission to Enter forms.


Gordon Diamond